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About DaStreetPriest

B."Da StreetPriest" Alexander
Confidential Coaching

B.D. Alexander is a Trauma & Resilience Clinician from Cereal City, USA, who learned the hard knocks of the life early on. Forming his first company, at age 19, B.D. had been Doing Business As, all along. In that nineteenth year of life, B.D. also learned techniques on how to successfully acquire real estate and acquired his first property with no money down. Pressured to keep up with his peers out hustling in the streets, B.D. made several crucial mistakes that would cost him greatly later in life.  As an agent of change, B.“DaStreetPriest” uses his life experiences to add value to the lives of families who have been affected by death, devastation and mass incarceration. By delivering candid messages to young people through inner-city organizations and institutions, B.D. has positioned himself as an inspiration to the masses. From firsthand knowledge, B.D. works to evoke positive change in the lives of vulnerable youth, troubled young people and incarcerated adults. Through the use of positive and productive programs he has developed, B.D. prides himself on being a light in the world for people. The strategies and concepts  B.D. has developed are both beneficial and essential and for all individuals reached. To do this, B.D. plans to sacrifice his day to day schedule equipping urban organizations through both the written and spoken word. His first and primary objective is to assist young men in recognizing who they are; by analyzing who they’ve become and inspiring them to strive in becoming who they were created to be. Through the formation of relationships, B.D. works to mold young men from destructive environments, into productive citizens with marketable skills. With his father being murdered before he turned 1 year old and his brother being sentenced to life without the possibility of parole before B.D. became a teen, he knows how easy it is to lose our lives.  These incidents and many others in combination with his own failures are the driving forces behind all that he does to help young people realize their full potential. B.D. Alexander is the voice of the future generation who goes beyond the fruit, to study the roots. As a Trauma & Resilience Clinician, B.D. helps young people see that their mindset determines their thoughts. To illuminate that their thoughts determine their actions and those actions dictate the future consequences; whether good or bad.  Let B.D. Alexander inspire a community near you!


The Book Library

How I Grew Up Black In America
B.D. Alexander's Memoir - 2019

How I Grew Up Black in America:

The Many Colors of S-Dot is the introductory novel in the Follow The Exit Sign Series based on the life of Byron "Shawn" Alexander. This is a detailed memoir on the early life of B.D. Alexander's journey of forgiveness to get to where he is today! 

Follow the Exit Sign 2: Destroy & Rebuild
Released May 2019
Volume 2

Fresh off of a drug raid performed by a combination of local, county and state authorities. At his wits end, Byron Da-Shawn must find a legal means of survival while awaiting, criminal state and possibly federal drug and weapons charges.

Follow The Signs 2nd Edition (Mentee Set)
Follow the Signs 2nd (Mentee's Set) 

Follow the Signs 2.0 (Mentee Set)  consist of  the (2.0) Novel, a Life Reflections Journal, and a Biblical Application Workbook designed to help troubled youth, incarcerated adults and their closest loved ones. These tools provide a framework for empowering vulnerable individuals.   

FTES 1.png
Follow the Exit Sign 1: Reloaded
Released May 2019
Volume 1

Follow The Exit SignHustler from the Start, Anointed At Heart is Byron "BD" Alexander's first novel where he uses a fictional character to describe many of the mistakes in made between his high school graduation and the time he turned twenty-one. From the church to selling work... 

Follow The Signs 2nd Edtion (Mentor Set)
Released May 2019

Follow the Signs 2nd (Mentor's Set) is an Instructional Playbook designed to assist positive individuals we currently or desire to work with trouble youth and incarcerated adults. These tools provide a framework for connecting with, learning from, and empowering families effected by devastation.   

The Many Colors of S-Dot
"Street (Trap) Music"
Mixtape - July 4th 2018

The Many Colors of S-Dot: Mixtape is an audio experience B.D. Speaks has created to chronicle his experiences out hustling in the streets. Many know where B.D. is today but are unaware of how far he has come. Although a solo rap project, this mixtape lacks the filth commonly associated with the genre.





of the Year 2012

B.D. Alexander was nominated  Minority Business Owner of the Year  2012

Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce


Leader Award


Battle Creek - Chamber of Commerace

B.D. Alexander was voted One of the Under 40 Emerging Leaders in

Battle Creek Michigan 2016





2016 - Keynote Speaker

B.D. Alexander was the 2016 Recepiant For the THIS I BELIEVE Speech

 Kellogg Arena Annual Prayer Breakfast

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